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Special Abilities Development Association SADA is a non governmental organization working for the welfare & development of disabled people.

Disabled person is comprised of a large portion of the population, but due to the lack of suitable environment, and supportive mechanism, they are a dead part of the population. Although, persons with disabilities have concealed abilities to work in an authentic way as compared to the normal persons. they are not aware about their rights, and are always dependent on the other members of the family or society. Although, the government has specified some special quotas for disabled persons, but due to lack of awareness and access, they have been exploited always. Some of the sensitive and brave disabled persons decided to form an organization to create awareness in the disabled community, to work for supportive environment in the society as well as at the work place. They suggested to create opportunities for them to live a normal life and to gain their rights. Special Abilities Development Association (SADA) was formed in 2005 in Dir Lower, which was the first DPO organization in Malakand division. It was registered in 2009, with Social Welfare Department under the Voluntary, Social Welfare Agencies, registration and Control Ordinance 1961

The mandate of SADA is to strive for the rights of disabled persons to advocate and create a space for the disabled person in each sector and every walk of life. SADA will lobe and will negotiate with government departments to make policy changes for supportive working and social environment for the disabled community of the Pakistan at large.SADA has been a part of organizational networks on national and international level as well that includes Disable People International(D.P.I), Community Based Inclusive Development network, Pakistan, Khyber disability Forum and People rights network.
SADA has received Special consultative status from United Nation in May 2014.


Recent Projects

SADA is currently working on a special education institution for disable people.

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